BMR Sorghum Sudangrass


Sorghum Sudangrass is a cross between sorghum and sudangrass.  It is used for pasture, green crop, silage or hay.  It has excellent recovery after cutting or grazing.  Larger stalks than sudangrass make it slower to dry and less desirable as a hay crop.  Yield will be less than forage sorghums and equal or greater than sudangrass.  Prussic acid poisoning is possible after a killing frost.  Animals should not be allowed to graze for 10-14 days and green chop should not be taken during this time.

Brown Midrib Sorghum Sudangrass varieties contain 40% less lignin in the plant.  Lignin is an indigestible part of the plant.  This trait gives BMR varieties 17-20% more digestibility than conventional, non-BMR varieties, increasing the feed value.

Price (per 50 lbs):
Seeding Rate (lbs per acre):   
      Drilled: 20-35
 Lbs/Bu: 40
 Average seeds per lb:
Seeding Date:
May 15 - July 31
 Days to Germinate:

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