Bluemaster Blend


Bluemaster Blend is a mixture of elite Kentucky Bluegrass varieties.  It has the advantage of a wider range of disease resistance than a single bluegrass variety would provide.

About Kentucky Bluegrass...
Kentucky Bluegrass is the primary grass type used in lawns.  It forms a high-quality, dense sod by sending out stems that form their own roots and new plants.  Bluegrass forms a fairly shallow root system and requires approximately 1 inch of water per week during the growing season.  It will go dormant during heat stress, then recovers when adequate moisture becomes available.  Kentucky Bluegrass is not shade tolerant and should be seeded with fescues in areas that receive little sunshine.  Bluegrass is slow to establish and is typically seeded with perennial ryegrass in order to establish a quicker ground cover.  Higher rates of fertility are also required for bluegrass lawns.

Price (per lb):    25#

Seeding Rate   Lbs. / 1000 Ft2:
Mowing Height:
Seeds Per Lb:
Days to Germination:
Growth Habit:
Establishment Rate:
Leaf Blade Width:
 1/8 inch
Shade Tolerance:
Heat Tolerance:
Drought Tolerance:

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