Buffalograss is a fine-leaved, sod-forming perennial.  It is nutritious and palatable in a pasture, but very low yielding.  Buffalograss makes an excellent low-maintenance lawn.  It will green up two to three weeks after bluegrass and go dormant at the first killing frost, but requires very little care during the summer.  Buffalograss seed is treated chemically to break dormancy, it will germinate and grow up to 5" within 50 days of seeding.  It spreads by above-ground stolons.  New, improved turf varieties are being constantly introduced.

Price (per lb):
Seeding Rate (PLS / 1,000 ft2): 1.5 - 2
 Lbs/Bu: 20
 Average seeds per lb:
Seeding Date:
Apr. 15 - May 15
 Days to Germinate:
14 - 21

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