KY-31 Tall Fescue


Tall fescue is a deep-rooted, long-lived bunch grass that will slowly form a sod.  It is drought tolerant and survives well under low fertility.  Tall fescue may contain a fungus (endophyte) that grows in the plant.  The endophyte increases the stress tolerance of the tall fescue but has been associated with health problems in grazing livestock.  Mixing deep-rooted legumes in the pasture will help to reduce the toxic effect of the endophyte.  Endophyte free varieties such as Fawn and Perfect Fit brand are available if the stand will be grazed.  It will grow 2-4 feet tall.

Kentucky 31 (KY-31) was developed in 1931.  It contains endophytes, so it is not suitable for grazing.  It is adapted to areas around bins, buildings, and other areas where animals will not be grazing.

Price (per lb):
Seeding Rate (lbs per acre): 15-20
 Lbs/Bu: 20
 Average seeds per lb:
Seeding Date:
Apr. 1 - Sept. 15
 Days to Germinate:

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