Profit Orchardgrass


Orchardgrass is a tall, perennial bunchgrass.  It does best in heavy, rich soils.  Orchardgrass has excellent early and late-season growth.  Orchardgrass is not as winterhardy as bromegrass, but will do better under heat and drought stress and produce more summer growth than bromegrass.  It is also shade tolerant, making it an excellent choice for use in orchards.  Orchardgrass experiences a rapid decline in palatability and quality as it nears maturation.  If mixing with alfalfa, choose varieties that are later maturing to maintain feed quality. It grows 3-4 feet tall.

Price (per lb):
Seeding Rate (lbs per acre): 10-12
 Lbs/Bu: 14
 Average seeds per lb:
Seeding Date:
Apr. 1 - May 30, Aug. 1 - Sept. 15
 Days to Germinate:

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