Promax BMR Sudangrass

Pro-Max BMR Sudangrass

Sudangrass is used for pasture or hay.  It has fine stems, tillers extensively and regrows rapidly.  It can be pastured as soon as it is 24-30" tall.  Sudangrass makes a very good quality hay or silage.  Its smaller stems make it a better choice for hay than other sorghums as it will dry faster.  It is quite drought tolerant.  Sudangrass contains lower levels of prussic acid than other sorghums.  It is ready to harvest in around 45 days.

Pro-Max BMR Sudangrass contains the brown mid-rib trait giving it increased feeding value of approximately 20% over conventional varieties such as Piper, as well as higher levels of protein and improved TDN.  Pro-Max also has much improved rust resistance.

Promax BMR Price (per 50 lbs):
Seeding Rate (lbs per acre) drilled:
Seeding Rate (lbs per acre) seeded in rows: 10-12
 Lbs/Bu: 40
 Average seeds per lb:

Seeding Date:
 May 15 - July 31
 Days to Germinate:

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