Services Offered

At Growers United, we offer SERVICE for seed,
soil fertility
and data management to SUPPORT your operation.

Our data management service is centered on the concept that you own the data.  We are a conduit between field operations and the decisions you make.  Your data is consolidated so it can be accessed quickly and analyzed readily, making it a powerful tool to your business that is easy to use.

Our main goal is safe, secure, readily available data.

If you’re tracking it, we can map it.  We support a wide variety of file types and formats found in all types of monitors in the industry.  The more data you collect, the more powerful the data becomes.


Yield Maps by: 
             Soil Type


       As Planted
       As Applied
       Soil Type
       Routing Instructions
          (for custom application)

Soil Data:

We us a unique bar code identification tag that is assigned to every field that we soil sample.  What this means for you: better results, quicker turnaround, and more timely product applications.

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